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Some frequently asked questions:
Q.  How long is each hen party life drawing class?
A.  The whole session, from getting started to saying goodbye, lasts for at least two hours.
That's double what most operators offer and great value for money!  Make sure you bear that in mind when you are comparing us to other people.  Please note our models usually do more than one class on any one day, so it's important to start on time.  If you aren't able to start on time, we will always wait as long as we can, but it might not be possible to stay for two hours if we have to go to another party.
Q.  OK, how much does a life drawing hen party session cost?
A.  Each quote is unique but prices typically start from £275.  That figure is for an average-sized group providing their own venue.  If there are 30 of you needing a luxury venue then expect our quote to be considerably higher.

Our price includes all your drawing materials and all travelling expenses!  Send us an email with your requirements and once we have established what you need, we will provide you with a fixed price quotation.  Please appreciate that a remote location will also have a large bearing on the price as travel time has to be taken into account.
Q.  Why don't you charge per head like other people?
A.  It's not as if it's much more difficult to run an event for 16 people than it is for 10.  With us, you'll get an individual, fixed price quote, so the more people that come, the cheaper it is per person.  By all means divide our quote by the number of guests, and you'll see what outstanding value for money we offer.

Don't forget to factor in that you will be getting a two hour session as well
Q.  Can we just book the model?
A.  You get a model who is also a great tutor.  The vast majority of our customers don't want a separate tutor and particularly enjoy sessions where the model poses and instructs.  Remember, it's not supposed to be taken too seriously, most hens are amateurs and you're only there for a couple of hours, so it doesn't make sense to go overboard on the tuition, although we will definitely teach you to draw!

A separate tutor adds a cost, means getting two people to your event on time and then there's the little matter of tutor quality.  All of our models are also excellent tutors, just look at our feedback.
Q.  Is there a minimum number?
A.  No minimum number required.  Well, we do need at least one of you to turn up...

Q.  Will you do special deals for very small groups?
A.  Yes we will try, although bear in mind that your location is likely to have a bigger bearing on price than the number of people.

Q.  Do we need to pay a deposit?
A.  Yes, a deposit is required to secure a slot and it's fully refundable provided you cancel no less than eight weeks before your scheduled event.  With many providers you'll lose your deposit if your plans change.
Q.  When do we pay the balance?
A.  On the day, not before you've even had the party!
Q.  We can't quite confirm yet.  Can you hold a slot for us?
A.  Yes, we can hold a slot for you on a first refusal basis for a short period before you confirm with a deposit.
Q. We're new to this.  Any tips so we don't get caught out?

A.  Some holiday cottages and venues will take your deposit and then tell you what activities you can and can't hold there!  It's vital to see the terms and conditions and agree that all your planned activities are going to be allowed before you hand over any money.  Once they've got your deposit, they will try and sell you their own activities - at inflated prices - but by then it's too late.

Check very carefully that you'll be getting exactly what you've been promised or what has been advertised.  If you're paying for a model and tutor be sure that both are going to turn up.  Be suspicious of delays in answering your questions.

Don't accept any long delay in confirming availability without good reason.  If someone can't do that, they are probably searching for a model who they will hire on a one off basis. 

Everyone here has been working with us for years, something which tells you everything about their reliability and quality.

If you're nervous about a proposal from someone else, ask to see photos of their life drawing hen parties, prior to your event.  If someone can't provide those pictures, then either they haven't done it before, or they have something to hide.

Lastly, never pay a deposit until you are happy with all the arrangements.  We only ask for a deposit when everything has been agreed between us.  To give you complete peace of mind, it's fully refundable provided you cancel no less than eight weeks before the event.

Even if you have to cancel inside eight weeks we will allow your deposit to be used as a credit against another party, provided it is held within six months of the original date.

Make sure that you get what you paid for.  For example, if you've been told you're getting a model and tutor, don't accept a sudden change where it's just a model.  Unlike us, where we combine the roles, most models cannot teach.

One final check is to let your provider know you will have a couple of males in your group.  That weeds out a lot of dodgy models.

Q.  So how is this different from hiring a stripper?
A.  It's nothing like it!  For a start, you are there to draw, not scream.  The model is there to pose and entertain, not grope you, talk you to death or try to embarrass you.  Also, it's not all over in 15 minutes!

IMPORTANT - if your group's idea of quality entertainment is a steroid user covered in baby oil - we aren't going to give you what you want!
Q.  We are under pressure to get something arranged.  How quickly can you tell us if you are available on our chosen date?
A.  We will reply as soon as we receive your inquiry (our aim is always within 24 hours) and tell you at the time whether we can help or not. 
What we won't do, is say we can definitely help and then try to find you a model.  If we can't confirm instant, guaranteed availability, we'll be up front with you about that.
We get lots of business where the promised model hasn't been available, or the hens aren't happy with the assurances they have been given about him.  We also find ourselves helping out at the last minute when people have been let down.

Q.  How early do we need to book?
A.  It's best to make your booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  We would recommend you book at the very least two months in advance, as the more notice you can provide, the better your chance of getting a particular slot.  We already have confirmed bookings well into 2018.
Also remember that the most popular times are on Saturday afternoons and those slots get filled early.  It's always helpful and it gives you a better chance of getting us, if you give us a few options about when you could run the session.

Q.  Do you do short notice bookings?
A.  We will always try to help if we can.  It will come down to whether we are available and where you want to hold the session, but in principle, no problem, just get in touch.  Watch out for 'last minute' announcements on our home page - hen parties are sometimes postponed and then we will often offer the slot at a special rate!

Q.  Is hen party life drawing suitable for everyone?
A.  Pretty much!  We have had hens aged from 18 to 96 (yes, really!) at our events and there's usually a fair spread of ages present.  There's no longer a stereotypical group of hens.  It's very common for the bride's mum, prospective MIL, or both, to come along.  The most important things are a sense of humour and a willingness to have a go at drawing.  You can be confident that no-one is going to be offended - we value our professional reputation highly.
Q.  We are a pretty loud and outrageous group, will that matter?
A.  No, just be yourselves and you'll have to go some to surprise us!  We can be sensible or silly to match the mood of the group.
Q.  We are the opposite, all shrinking violets, what then?
A.  We'll be gentle with you.
Q.  What kind of venues do you use?
A.  Private function rooms, art studios, church halls and community centres.
Q.  Can you come to us, say at our hotel, house or rented cottage?
A.  Yes we can and we do.  In addition to front rooms, we've run sessions at some very unusual venues, including youth hostels, yurts, beaches and gardens, as well as hotel rooms and Center Parcs lodges.  In the summer, we often do sessions outside.  Nothing nicer than drawing a naked man in the sunshine with a glass of Pimms or Champagne!
Q.  We will all be dressed up for the weekend.  Will that matter?
A.  Not at all. 
The majority of ladies are just dressed normally, but we've had groups dressed as nurses, the cast of a famous musical, the WI, some very strange headgear, every variety of sash, Burlesque parties, various fancy dress themes and even people in their pyjamas and slippers! 
Q.  What time do we have to run the session?
A.  It's really up to you.  Afternoons seem to be most popular, prior to going out, but we do an increasing number of events in the morning.  It's an interesting event to wake up to after a night out, and is almost guaranteed to get rid of a hangover.
One of the best things about our hen party life drawing classes is that they fill a good sized time slot - say 10-12, 12-2, 2-4 or 4-6.  We find hens like that, rather than rushing from one short activity to another.
Q.  Does it have to be at the weekend?
A.  No, you can book us for any time that suits you.  We often do weekday events.
Q.  Can we take pictures?
A.  Yes you can, and we won't publish them all over the web!  Have a look at our gallery while you're here.
Q.  What equipment will we need for our hen party life drawing session?
A.  None whatsoever.  We supply everything you need.

Q.  Do we have to be able to draw?
A.  Absolutely not!  However, you will receive plenty of encouragement, instruction and helpful hints and tips.  It's not about producing the best drawing.  It's about enjoying yourselves doing something different.
We work on the basis that most hens can't draw and pitch the session at a beginner's level, so that you feel comfortable.  It's just a bonus if you can draw already.
Q.  What exactly will we do?
A.  After you meet your model/tutor, and the session is explained, you'll be taken through a range of drawing exercises while your model adopts different poses.
People produce several drawings each and while you draw, you'll get lots of hints and tips from the model/tutor.  You don't have to worry about anything - all organisation is taken care of for you.
At the end, you might want to judge the best drawing and take some group photos.  The whole thing, from setting up to saying goodbye, lasts for about two hours and the time really flies!
Q.  Can we choose the poses?
A.  No problem but bear in mind that some are more difficult to draw and hold than others!

Q.  We've got some ideas of our own about running the session, do we have to stick to your format?

A.  Tell us what you have in mind.  We will always work with you to create the best possible event and we often customise sessions.
Q.  How many hens can attend?
A.  It's really only limited by the size of the venue, but a typical group size ranges from 10-20 hens.

Q.  Can we choose the model?
A.  No.
Q.  Are your models attractive?
A.  Yes.  Have a look at our photos and read our customer comments.  Our models are handsome, toned and athletic.  Most importantly, they are completely natural - you're not going to get someone on steroids!
Q.  Can we bring our own drinks?
A.  As long as the venue doesn't impose any restrictions (licensed premises always will), then you can bring your own.  Some alcohol usually goes down well!  If you're holding the event at the place where you are staying, it's completely up to you what you do in terms of food and drinks.
Q.  Which areas do you cover?
A.  Our most popular hen life drawing parties take place in London, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Eastbourne, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton and York but we will quote to come absolutely anywhere.  We work in France, Spain and Ireland and have also run parties in Belfast and Hong Kong.  We have been to Arundel, Bideford, Cardiff, St Ives, Chester, Horsham, Guildford, Gosport, Frome, Leicester, Plymouth, Warrington, Newquay, Worthing, Jersey, Chichester, Norwich, Newcastle, Milton Keynes, Salisbury and Sheffield, so we get around!  We will quote to come anywhere.

Q.  We won't know exact numbers until a few days before.  Will that matter or change the price?
A.  No problem. We understand the difficulties organisers face and are used to numbers changing.  You also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing our price is fixed.
Q.  Can men come?
A.  No problem.  You should be very cautious if someone won't allow men to attend your hen party.  Any professional model should be completely comfortable in front of both sexes and regardless of their sexuality.

Q.  Our group is gay, can you provide a female model for girls and a male model for guys?
A.  No problem.  Just email us if that's what you're looking for.
Q.  How do we know you are reputable?
A.  The selection criteria for working with us are strict. We only use professional models/tutors with impeccable professional reputations and references to match.  Then there's our great feedback which you can read on our customer comments page.  Lastly, we're always happy for you to talk to a recent customer.

Q.  Why should we choose you over another life drawing hen party provider?
A.  We think it should be obvious by now.  Other operators offer a different product to us (for example one hour instead of two and charging per head) and we respect your right to choose.  We deplore unprofessionalism and that's reflected in the way we won't get involved in criticising other operators.
Q.  Do you sub-contract?
A.  Never.
Q.  Is this the only modelling your models do?
A.  No, all of our models have worked or work in more conventional life, painting, portrait and sculpture classes too.  Demand like that, from professional tutors and studios, is another factor that should give you confidence that you are getting a great model.
Q.  How do we make an enquiry or book?
A.  Just click on the 'contact us' tab.   We'll get back to you quickly.
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